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a place to rest my circuits

Multimedia installation


turf, spray paint, mirrors, 50s mannequins, fake plants, tinsel, tinsel, and more tinsel HONEY, projections, pre-recorded video feed

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville NY / 2023

a place to rest my circuits is a multimedia installation that uses found objects, reflective material, and pre-recorded video projection to create a transitory space.


The work examines the continuous reification and glitching of bodies that are consumed and recycled in everyday life onto recycled objects. The source of the material is video produced originally for the installation and captured via a camera activated by a motion sensor device hidden in a closet. By cannibalizing the video material and projecting it onto bodies of the mannequins, the question of who’s body becomes the object of attention is brought to the fold.

media and fabrications by RED

Technical Direction by Jeremy Kadetsky

Photos by Mia Isabella

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