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Created by Star Sun

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville NY / 2021

Directed by Star Sun


Movement Direction by RED

Scenic Design by Ricky Murasaki

Lighting Design by Leslie Huynh

Costume Design by Maria Schreiner

Sound Design by Meaghan Bonds

Featuring Performances by:

Kenneth Keng, Richie Kraus, Annie Porter, Audrey Stathakis, Will Tway

Casting the attention on those fleeting moments when Zoom glitches happen, this play is a devised performance that will use dialog, poetry, movement, and multimedia to capture our daily experiences when ‘try to connect’ encounters with ‘disconnected’ on both Zoom land and physical world. Reflecting on the pandemic we are going through, this performance is keen to explore: How do the functions of Zoom reform our way of being together? How do we define ‘CONNECT’ in the world of past, present and future? Do the glitches and disconnected moments themselves can be formed into a performance? What can be generated from those glitching/disconnected moments: our love, fear, or loss?


This was created in the SLCTheatre Fall 2022 Devised Residency

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