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Created by RED

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville NY / 2023

Directed by RED


Choreography by moss lovejoy

Scenic Design by Holly Gregory 

Light and Media Design: RED

Costume Design by Citrine Weir

Sound Design by Marisa Conroy

Featuring Performances by:
AJ Baldwin, Zander Pryor, Caitlin Menber, moss lovejoy, and Marisa Conroy.

Photos by Maria Baranova

cannibalization / consumption / rebirth  


In an age of extreme digital consumption, trans bodies have become the main course for conservative rhetoric as they enact violence and legislation against the community. What happens when trans folks reclaim the feast? The sticky delicious underbelly of trans desire will be explored through explosions of too-muchness as we reimagine trans futures by leaning into the taboo. Delicious abundances will be the name of the game and leaning into the decadence will be highly encouraged.


This was created in the SLCTheatre Fall 2022 Devised Residency

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