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Multimedia installation


beer cans, gold and black acrylic and spray paint, plastic 4-pack snaps, a CRT TV, fishing line, wire, wood, beer, and film,

Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville NY / 2022

IIPA is a multi-medium exploration of labor and resources.

Filmed close-ups and medium shots of beer being poured from cans into a variety of clear containers are intercut by hands cracking open a can of beer while being covered in paint. The film is disrupted and glitched by the material mobile of plastic 4-pack snaps. As the film is projected, the light is disrupted and distorted, wondering whether the viewer will ever get to enjoy a full view of the beverage being poured.


 In an excessive amount of labor and curation, the viewer is left to decide if they ever truly get to reap the rewards of all this hard work. 




Shot and Edited by: RED

Construction: RED

Sound Design: RED 

Light Design: RED 

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